Food Composition and Taste



Orange 3’s chemistry blog.

Within our blog, our goal is to study and share the chemistry behind the “taste” of
certain foods and the molecular composition of food. Most of what we eat is made up of
carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which are all organic compounds. Therefore, the study of
organic chemistry can provide a deeper insight to the chemical compounds that make up our
food. The details of the molecular structures of certain foods can help elucidate their chemical,
biological, and physical properties. The compounds in food can many times be very different
from the compounds in the ingredients. This is often due to the way food is prepared.
Therefore, thermodynamics will be tied into the reactions of proteins, sugars, etc when
cooked or frozen. In addition, the way things taste to us is strongly related to the chemical
compounds found in the food. The business side of food will look at trends in people’s diets as
a result of many different factors, such as the changing of prices and safety issues of


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