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Every once in a while we all like to take a sip of our favorite beverages to quench our thirsts. One of the most famous types of beverages would be the fizzy drink known as soda. This fizzy bubbly sensation is produced by adding pressurized carbon dioxide gas into the beverage. Therefore sodas are also known as carbonate water.

Soda water is basically created by adding pressurized carbon dioxide through water. As we know from Henry’s law, high pressure increases the solubility of a certain solute. Therefore high pressure allows an abnormally high amount of carbon dioxide to be dissolved in the water, causing the water to be supersaturated with carbon dioxide. This is also why when you open up can of soda pop, all of the gas would rise to the top and try to escape. Therefore if you build up more pressure in the can by shaking it, the soda will blast out of the can when you open it.

The biting texture of soda is due to the result of effervescence. Effervescence is the escape of gas from an aqueous solution. The pressurized dilute solution of carbonic acid in water releases gaseous carbon dioxide during decompression, the lowering of pressure, when one opens the can of soda. The carbon dioxide escaping the water also creates the fizzy sounds and bubbling in the soda.

A common question concerning sodas might be: Why is soda harmful to the body aside from the artificial ingredients and sugar? The answer is: When carbon dioxide is introduced to the water, carbonic acid is created H2O + CO2–>H2CO3(figure1). Salts like sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) are needed in order to reduce the acidity.  And other metallic salts are introduced to the solution to neutralize the acidic flavor. Despite all of these salty cover ups of soda’s acidity, soda is still acidic, therefore over consumption is detrimental to the body.

figure 1

Here deep explanation of how the process of carbonation works:

Author: David Zhang



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